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Science, Statistics, Society - Amtliche Statistik 4.0

Donnerstag 09. Februar 2017 | 15:40-16:25 Uhr

Walter Radermacher
(ehem. Generaldirektor Eurostat; ehem. Präsident des Statistischen Bundesamts)

(Der Vortrag wurde in deutscher Sprache gehalten)
High-quality statistics strengthen democracy by allowing citizen access to key information that enhances accountability. Access to solid statistics is a fundamental "right" that permits choices and decision based on information. Without statistics there cannot be a well-grounded and participated democracy. As statistical information is increasingly used for policy decisions, statisticians need to investigate how their services are used, the ethical implications and the impact of evidence use on the policy cycle. It is a duty of statisticians to explore the link between statistics, science and society and lead intellectual reflections on the possible risk of reliance on data-centrism.
In order for official statistics to function as a language for all kinds of societal interactions and decision-making, it is essential that the quality of products and services is outstanding, an authority in itself. This is the brand-mark and the competitive advantage of official statistics. Once this authority is undermined, be it through real quality problems or only through perception, trust in official statistics will be replaced by suspicion and statistics will become part of political fights and games.
Against this background, it is important to define quality of official statistics with a much wider scope, including not only the production but also the use side of statistical information and how these two sides are interacting in a dynamic relationship.
The era of the data revolution has started, significantly changing the picture on both sides. On the one hand, the availability of enormous amounts of data gives the statistical business a completely new push into a direction that is not yet sufficiently understood. On the other hand, new demand in terms of 'evidence based decision making', new (public) management etc., create a forceful driving force on the pull side.

Moderation: Eckart Hohmann (ehem. Präsident Hessisches Statistisches Landesamt)