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Standing Committee Research Data Infrastructure (FDI)

The FDI Committee was established to foster a productive dialog among the research data centres (RDCs). The committee’s main task is to safeguard and improve the quality and availability of research data. As a central and open committee, it represents the accredited RDCs by, for example, jointly formulating interests of research data centers. These are subsequently communicated by the German Data forum to funding agencies, policy-makers, representatives of science and research as well as data protection and ethics commissions on a national and international level. In its capacity as an advisory board, the FDI Committee supports the German Data Forum’s activities by complementing the committee's strategic focus with a focus on day-to-day challenges of the research data infrastructure. The FDI Committee’s decisions are forwarded to the German Data Forum as recommendations.

Standing Committee Research Data Infrastructure (FDI)


Members of the Standing Committee Research Data Infrastructure of the RatSWD

Chairpersons of the German Data Forum

  • Prof. Regina T. Riphahn, Ph.D. (Chair - German Data Forum)
  • Stefan Bender (Vice Chair - German Data Forum)