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Research Data Centre of the Federal Statistical Office (FDZ–Bund)

The Research Data Centre of the Federal Statistical Office (FDZ–Bund) facilitates regulated access to official statistics microdata. In line with user requirements and in accordance with data protection regulation, FDZ–Bund provides users with a wide range of possible data access modes. Official statistics microdata are available as standardised scientific use files on CD-ROM and custom-made scientific use files, which can be accessed by the scientific community at on-site guest researcher workstations in Wiesbaden, Berlin or Bonn. Moreover, FDZ–Bund produces public use files for an international audience and CAMPUS Files as a resource for teaching in universities and for international researchers. Lastly, researchers may access official statistics microdata via remote data access.


Available Data

Available data: 

For more detailed information on FDZ-Bund, please visit: http://www.forschungsdatenzentrum.de/en/index.asp.