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Research Data Center International Survey Programmes at GESIS

The Research Data Center (RDC) "International Survey Programmes" provides researchers with data, services and support for a number of important international study series, which are organised and partly collected by GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences. These international study programmes cover numerous countries and mostly long time spans. The data are processed for comparative analysis and cover a broad spectrum.

Access to analysis data and documentation

...through GESIS data service (-> online data access):

Eurobarometer - EB, CCEB, CEEB
European Values Study - EVS
International Social Survey Programme - ISSP

... in the context of cooperations:

CSES - Comparative Study of Electoral Systems
PIREDEU - Providing an Infrastructure for  Research on Electoral Democracy in the European Union (European Election Studies) 

... for GESIS research visitors:

Latinobarometer - free access to the primary data of all waves

Consultation and knowledge transfer
The RDC offers support and knowledge transfer with regard to naturally-occuring comparability problems, including cross-national, cross-cultural and cross-temporal comparisons. The RDC provides access to relevant publications, textbooks and associated analysis data.

International survey data
A tabular overview of of international comparative survey programmes references over 60 large scale studies and study series since 1948, which are based on population samples. These studies are partly available through the GESIS standard data service.

The RDC International Survey Programmes at GESIS adheres to the accreditation guidelines of the German Data Forum.

Available Data

Available data: 

Survey data from 71 countries: International Social Survey Programme (ISSP, as of 1984), European Values Study (EVS, as of 1981), Eurobarometer (as of 1970), Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES, as of 1996), Providing an Infrastructure for Research on Electoral Democracy in the European Union (PIREDEU, Follow-up project of the European Election Studies)