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Data Observer

The quarter–yearly "Data Observer" section of the "Journal of Economics and Statistics" looks at relevant data sources for social and economic research. It provides researchers with an in-depth description of interesting datasets, information on how to access them, and presents past studies which have worked with the data. Moreover, the section includes relevant research data centres providing access to such data.

Prof. Dr. Joachim Wagner of Lüneburg University continues to act as the editor of the "Data Observer" which replaced the long-standing "European Data Watch" (formerly published in "Schmollers Jahrbuch") in January 2016.

All the articles are available free-of-charge under a creative commons license.


Data Observer

Band 238, Heft 1 (Feb 2018)

Band 237, Heft 4 (Oct 2017) Artikel 1 Artikel 2

Band 237, Heft 2 (Apr 2017)

Band 237, Heft 1 (Feb 2017)

Band 236, Heft 5 (Oct 2016)

Band 236, Heft 4 (Aug 2016)

Band 236, Heft 3 (May 2016)

Band 236, Heft 1 (Feb 2016)