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Long-term Archiving of Research Data

Standards and Field-Specific Solutions

Reinhard Altenhöner and Claudia Oellers (ed.)

Scivero Verlag 2012
ISBN 978-3-944417-00-4
16,70 €

This book is currently only available in German!

Long-term archiving of research data is a basic requirement for good scientific practice. It consists of three essential features: documentation of research data, long-term storage, and the facilitation of data access. Without these infrastructural and organizational requisites, scientific reuse of data -verifying results and also addressing new research questions-  is only possible to a very limited extent. This publication offers an overview of existing standards and contributes to the discussion about the requirements of archiving of research data. It is thus equally worth reading for infastructural institutions, libraries, archives, researchers and others who are involved with data provisioning.

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