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RatSWD Working Papers

The RatSWD Working Paper Series consists of articles dealing with the strategic conception, organization and history of the German statistical infrastructure and the research infrastructure in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences. The papers published in this series focus on the organization of Germany’s official statistical system, government agency research, and the academic research infrastructure, as well as on the activities of the RatSWD itself.

RatSWD Working Papers are non-exclusive. Publication in other journals and through other channels is permitted and recommended. The views expressed in the RatSWD Working Papers are exclusively the opinions of their respective authors and not those of the RatSWD.

The Federal Ministry for Education and Research did not influence this publication. The German Data Forum is fully responsible for its content.

Claudia Neuendorf, Malte Jansen, and Lisa Pegelow
Sebastian Weinand, and Ludwig von Auer

Workshop Report

German Data Forum and UK Data Forum

General and specific changes in data protection for scientific use resulting from the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Katrin Schaar
Steven M. Boker, Timothy R. Brick, Joshua N. Pritikin, Yang Wang, Timo von Oertzen, Donald Brown, John Lach, Ryne Estabrook, Michael D. Hunter, Hermine H. Maes, Michael C. Neale
Benedikt Fecher and Gert G. Wagner
Nikolaos Askitas, Klaus F. Zimmermann
Benedikt Fecher, Sascha Friesike, Marcel Hebing, Stephanie Linek, Armin Sauermann

A German version of this paper is available as RatSWD Working Paper No. 230.

Prepared and written by the Quality Standards Working Group
Klaus F. Zimmermann