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Strategic Agenda 2017–2020

The German Data Forum is an advisory council to the federal government that advises policy-makers on matters concerning the continuous improvement of data access and research infrastructures in empirical research in the social, behavioural, and economic sciences. The advisory services in the German Data Forum’s portfolio also include support of law-making processes in the research data context on a national and European level. Moreover, the German Data Forum strives to spark debates on the impact of technological developments on research and research infrastructures, data protection, and research ethics.

Permanent Core Functions

Key Areas

The German Data Forum issues recommendations, reports, and position papers on a range of subjects that target different audiences. These include scientific communities, policymakers, and administrators as well as the research data centres accredited by the German Data Forum.

During its 6th appointment period, the German Data Forum will focus on the following key areas. The German Data Forum has set up working groups in each of these areas to tackle pressing issues with its interdisciplinary expertise.