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Topic: Data Protection

The German Data Forum (RatSWD) is a driving force behind the establishment and consolidation of standards in the social, behavioural, and economic sciences as well an important and reliable partner for addressing issues of data protection and research ethics to both researchers and research-funding institutions. Robust and sustainable solutions can only be developed by engaging in a dialogue between various relevant actors, which the RatSWD is committed to.

The processing and analysis of microdata requires continuous examination of data protection issues. Microdata are an indispensable foundation for conclusive and innovative research, particlarly in the social, behavioural, and economic sciences. In all its cogent disciplines, research that adheres to the principles of data protection regulation must fulfill numerous legal requirements.

Working in the dynamic space between research and data protection issues, the RatSWD seeks to address the growing technical and legal challenges that arise from the national and European-level regulation environments. One of the German Data Forum’s key tasks is to create an infrastructure that facilitates the provision of research data for scientific use in adherence to data protection regulation.

Overview of the German Data Forum's activities, resources and work results on the topic of data protection:

Publications of the German Data Forum (RatSWD)

Data Protection Handout [DE], 2nd Edition
June 2020

Data Protection Handout [DE]
This handout provides researchers from the social, behavioural, and economic sciences with an overview of the relevant German data protection regulation for empirical research.
January 2017

Digitisation, data protection, impact: the RatSWD discusses recent EU science policy
Press release 16 July 2018

How does the EU data protection reform affect research data centres?
Press release 3 May 2018

German Data Forum Publishes Handout on Data Protection in Empirical Research
Press release 7 March 2017

EU Data Protection: Imminent Threat to Empirical Social and Economic Sciences Averted
Press release 23 December 2015

Final Report of the Working Group Data Protection and Qualitative Social Research
Published in German as RatSWD Working Paper #238/2014: 'Datenschutzrechtliche Anforderungen bei der Generierung und Archivierung qualitativer Interviewdaten'