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Topic: Research Data Management

Storing and making available research data from the social, behavioural, and economic sciences in a sustainable fashion requires a range of precautions and measures. Ideally, these should already be in place during the planning and execution of a research project. Research funders at a national and international level increasingly require presenting data management plans when applying for a research project. The requirements for developing such data management plans are heterogeneous and vary with regard to the necessary granularity depending on the research discipline and the research funding institution.

The term data management refers to all the research data-related activities resulting from the data life cycle. Data management activities may include data collection during a research project, data processing (incl. analysis), and archiving of research data, for example, at a facility of the research data infrastructure.

Overview of the German Data Forum's activities, resources and work results on the topic of research data management:

RatSWD Publications

RatSWD Output 3 (5)
Available in German only: Forschungsdatenmanagement in den Sozial-, Verhaltens- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften – Orientierungshilfen für die Beantragung und Begutachtung datengenerierender und datennutzender Forschungsprojekte

Press release from 29.06.2016
42nd Meeting of the German Data Forum: Exchange on Research Infrastructures – RatSWD welcomes recommendations of the RfII

Auffinden – Zitieren – Dokumentieren
Available in German only: Dieser Wegweiser von ZBW, GESIS und RatSWD greift einige grundsätzliche Aspekte im Umgang mit quantitativen Forschungsdaten auf und orientiert sich dabei an den Regeln guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis

Press release from 08.09.2014
Available in German only: Was ist zu beachten beim Management von Forschungsdaten?

Press release from 10.09.2013
Available in German only: Data Sharing: Experten fordern Forschungsdatenmanagement als festes Element universitärer Curricula

RatSWD Book (2012)
Available in German only: Altenhöner, Reinhard und Oellers, Claudia (Hrsg.) (2012). Langzeitarchivierung von Forschungsdaten – Standards und disziplinspezifische Lösungen. Scivero Verlag, Berlin.