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Working Group Research Ethics

During its 5th appointment period, the German Data Forum (RatSWD) set up a working group on research ethics that consisted of RatSWD members as well as external experts, who developed recommendations on how to design and coordinate the new research ethics infrastructures. The recommendations included establishing local ethics commissions at social and economic research facilities and higher-level ethics commissions as well as systematically integrating ethical reflexivity into the training of researchers.

The recommendations were the result of a broad consultation process within the scientific community that included academic organisations and international experts. It took into account the diversity of methods in social and economic research and ensured the infrastructure’s international compatibility.


RatSWD activities on research ethics in the 5th appointment period:

Oct 2015 Participation in the DFG workshop "Risks of social science research? Research ethics, data protection and the protection of personal rights in the social and behavioural sciences", Workshop results published as RatSWD Working Paper 255 by Eckard Kämper
Nov 2016   Presentation of the working group’s recommendation at a DFG workshop on research ethics together with academic organisations
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Nov 2016
  Consultation with academic organisations and international experts
Feb 2017 A forum on research ethics at the 7th Conference for Social and Economic Data (7|KSWD) and consultation with international experts
May 2017 Press release "German Data Forum recommends comprehensive concept for research ethics in the social and economic sciences"
June 2017 Publication of the RatSWD Working Paper 265 "Anmerkungen zu den vielfältigen Dimensionen einer Forschungsethik in den Sozial-, Verhaltens- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften" by Gert G. Wagner
June 2017 Publication of recommendations on the methodological and institutional integration of ethical principles: "Principles and Review Procedures of Research Ethics in the Social and Economic Sciences" (RatSWD Output 9 (5)) and distribution of recommendations to relevant stakeholders